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Tarot collector in a far off land; loves ghost stories, magick, tarot, wistfulness, spookiness, Victorian spiritism, ectoplasm...

The Deck of the Dead; Antithesis of a Gentle Tarot

Whenever that perennial question comes up among seasoned tarotists – you know; “which tarot deck do you wish existed?” – and everyone rhapsodises over nerdy Science Fiction illustrators that I have never heard of – in my mind’s eye this … Continue reading

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Those Holy Grail Decks

Greenwood. Ironwing. Magna Veritas. Granny Jones. The names have developed that ring of luxury brands – they are the decks (one could add more; Pam A, Dusserre Dodal, Thomson Leng, Bohemian Gothic Silver) which are the stuff of tarot fan … Continue reading

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The Burning Serpent Oracle.

I received this deck only a few days ago. I had been sort of following the funding campaign, but I am the world’s worst funding follower. I sort of vaguely grasp the concept during the brief lapses of my fevered¬†deck … Continue reading

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On Being Read to

I have a hard time understanding card readers who have never been to an unknown card reader (that is, someone who knows nothing whatsoever about us) in order to sate their curiosity. I sometimes read for people but don’t charge … Continue reading

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The Tyldwick Tarot; is there anybody there?

I have felt myself pulling away of late, tired of tarot, tired of novelty, tired of saturation, a need to be alone and not to have to put words to things. Plus life of course and no overwhelming urge to … Continue reading

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The Destroyed Dondorf

When I first spotted this for sale, I thought of it as The Scrawled Dondorf. It haunted my dreams, crept into my thinking when I had other more important things to attend to. The urge to own something so unuseable … Continue reading

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Press Pause

For some time now I have been feeling less of a compulsion to write here. I have been feeling something akin to obligation. This bothers me.¬†I receive a new deck and wonder whether I ought to put words to what … Continue reading

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