My Favourite Card

Card of the day. My favourite card ever. If not ever, at least for today.  The Moon from the Tarocchi del III Millennio (published by Lo Scarabeo, Turin). The Moon should be fabulous in any deck but here, Iassen Ghiuselev has excelled himself. It has all the required elements of introspective lunacy which I like to see in the card, but this one has an added frisson of oddness in just the right measure. We have a kind of futuristic knock-kneed geisha in gossamer robe, cuckoo clock pendulums hanging from her head (“she’s cuckoo”), the dressing table hand mirror tucked into her hair, while her great danes stand alert, on guard, ears pert and the crab of Cancer at her feet begs for attention like a pestering child in the supermarket. With a devious sidelong glance she tries to impress us with her virtuoso fan-work while the Moon forms a halo of sacred intoxication behind her head. ~

I tend to use the Ltd edition Tarocchi d’Arte version of this deck, Major Arcana only (which I picked up at the Museo del Tarot in Madrid at Easter). What I love about this deck is how cleverly the composition is worked out to fill the cards, make the figures and gestures loom, fill all corners, waste no space.


About Le Fanu

Tarot collector in a far off land; loves ghost stories, magick, tarot, wistfulness, spookiness, Victorian spiritism, ectoplasm...
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6 Responses to My Favourite Card

  1. Spiritual Tarot Blessings on your blog, Le Fanu. May Hermaphroditey smile upon it and you, and spill her magick upon its pages. The goats send their love.

    Till when, Aisselle

  2. Hils says:

    Looking lovely, Le Fanu. I know I’ll enjoy your curiosities so I’ll be watching with interest!

    Hils xxx

  3. Hi Roger,
    Inspired lunacy in this card and review!
    What are some of the differences between the actual cards in the regular and Tarocchi d’Arte versions of this deck?

  4. Dear Roger –
    Do you write reviews about non-tarot guidance/divination cards?

    Thank you –
    Orna Ben-Shoshan
    Kabbalah Insights

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