Daily Draw; 3/6/11, Golden Tarot of the Tsars

A sudden urge to use Lo Scarabeo’s Golden Tarot of the Tsars. Or Czars. Or Czarina come to that.  This is the deck which would have been used to predict the fall of the Romanovs (OK, I think it was released in 2002 but you get the idea). I have been reading Andrew Cook’s The Murder of The Romanovs and this deck kept coming to mind, as if this were the deck that could have predicted the haemophilia of Alexis, the plot against Rasputin, the agonies of Czarina Alexandra.

So I decided to dig it out, albeit for lowlier readings, as it is a deck I love; embossed with gilt and depicting Byzantine ikons and the Orthodox panoply of saints. I decided to do what I call a snapshot spread. No card positions, no future, no past,  just a snapshot of where I am right now. I draw three cards, lay them out, choose in which order they are most aesthetically pleasing, in which order they most make sense to me from a compositional point of view, observing the dynamics. I drew these;

I am currently in a transitional period, about to be transferred at work and these three cards sum up exactly that. The Wheel of Fortune makes most sense in the middle as a kind of pivot, and things really do turn right now. Plus having a Major Arcana card acts as a kind of anchor, rooting the reading, while the small vignettes are more mind sets. See how he grasps the long thin sceptre (?), and yet I saw this and thought of that Shakespeare quote about grasping the nettle, the wheel turns and I just have to grasp the challenge. There truly are changes afoot. And on the left we get the 8 of Cups, moving away, moving onwards and upwards, a book is laid open and yet he raises his hand to his mouth as if in doubt. This is actually John the Evangelist depicted on the card. Curiously enough, among its meanings, this card lists contracts and secrets which makes sense since there hasn’t been any official announcement yet of iminent changes. The card on the right, the 3 of Coins, speaks for itself as traditionally it represents work though I cannot help but think of the Thoth system meaning for this card, which is more the dynamics of work (three wheels rotating in the sand, pulling in different directions) rather than the details. But here we have a man painting on his own, seeing a new image emerge. That’s exactly how I feel; I see a new image emerging, a new role emerging. In sum, the wheel turns, grasp the nettle, I move onwards, elsewhere, absorbed in my own little inch of the work to be done. In the border, there are closed wings about to spread wide. An optimistic sign.


About Le Fanu

Tarot collector in a far off land; loves ghost stories, magick, tarot, wistfulness, spookiness, Victorian spiritism, ectoplasm...
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One Response to Daily Draw; 3/6/11, Golden Tarot of the Tsars

  1. Roger,
    I love seeing these over-the-top gilded decks. Your reading sounds spot-on for what you’ve been facing. Do you ever do tarot meditation (scrying)? This deck looks made for it.

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