Kipper Karten

These charming little cards, from the German cartomantic tradition, have been published in various versions. France has its Lenormand cards, Italy has its Sibilla cards and Germany has its (lesser known) Kipper cards, all part and parcel of the same 19th Century divination craze. A while back, I drew up a list of divinatory meanings, partly translated, partly drawn from my own sense of the cards. These are not “official” meanings by any stretch; they are the ones I have gathered together and they work for me; if you decide to use them or pass them on, please credit where you got them from. They can be used with the popular Mystisches Kipper deck by Urban Troscher (2007) or any of the more traditional ones, both of which are illustrated below.

1. Male card

2. Female card

3. Bonding; relationships/connections (not just romantic).

4. Meeting; get together/conviviality/interesting chat

5. Lord/Older Man; father figure,/gentle strength/inventive problem-solving

6. Lady/Older Woman; faithfulness/ loyalty (because of the dog?)

7. Letter; pleasant message/contacts

8. Falseness; wrongness/deceit

9. New Perspectives; change of view/wider perspectives on an issue/different view of familiar territory

10. Journey; movement, literal change

11. Finances; money/accounts/banking/spending

12. Rich Girl; shut off/ intoxication/ distorted view of things

13. Rich Boy; loneliness/boredom/psychological games

14. Sad News; sadness/illness/weakness/in need of support

15. Good Start; love/friendship/things getting off to a good start

16. Thinking; planning/reflecting/self-analysis/looking hard at oneself

17. Gift; joy, works as an exclamation mark to surrounding good cards/ can also mean that you are being watched

18. Child; playfulness/immaturity/self-absorption

19. Death; end/transformation

20. Home; security/base/feeling safe/foundations

21. Living Room; the inner life/private space

22. Military Man; “official” man/rigidity/inflexibility/rules/regulations/arrogance (?)

23. Court; decisions to be taken/ something out of one’s hands/formalities

24. Theft; Loss/shiftiness/craftiness/be alert!

25. Honour; abilities recognised/someone thinks favourably of you/a promotion

26. Luck; fortune/success

27. Unexpected Money; windfall/contract/chance/ happy coincidence

28.  Waiting; patience/fear/isolation/something pending or blocked

29. Prison; fear/ isolation

30. Legal person; stress/nerves/decisions

31. Illness; listlessness/apathy/depression

32. Difficulties; worries/angst/frustration/obstacles

33. Murky Thoughts; darkness/despondence

34. Work; dedication/application/investment of energy

35. Long Road; great distance to overcome before achievement, delay

36. Hope; happiness/dreams/fulfilment


About Le Fanu

Tarot collector in a far off land; loves ghost stories, magick, tarot, wistfulness, spookiness, Victorian spiritism, ectoplasm...
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7 Responses to Kipper Karten

  1. Sharyn/AJ says:

    Perfect 🙂

  2. Rosario Marquez says:

    I like these kippers telling cards and, I like to buy them.
    So, where can I get them from ?
    Pls let me know

  3. George Koury says:

    Do you have a source for purchasing a Kipper card deck with English meanings?

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