Daily Draw; 7/6/11

Back in love again with my Tarot of the 1001 Nights (Lo Scarabeo, Turin). This is one of those decks I return to periodically;  I love its gorgeous, richly ornamented images by Léon Carré, taken from a 12 volume edition of the Arabian Nights  which was published between 1926-36. The cards lend themselves beautifuly to tarot and  – for me – don’t feel shoe-horned at all into the traditional tarot archetypes. Even where they stray slightly, they still feel eminently readable as cards and I feel they sum up a world which I love; the Orientalist, Scheherazade world of the Ballet Russes brought to life by Nijinsky, Diaghilev & Co in the early years of the 20th Century. This is exotic, deco Orientalism at its best.

I pulled the 7 of Swords on Sunday night (thought I’d draw a card for the following day). At first glance it meant nothing to me (traditional meaning; craftiness, deviousness, slyness, cleverness in perhaps not the most positive light. Not meanings I have ever been cmfortable with). Then mid-morning, we had a problem with the computers here and dug out an old laptop which had been deemed “unrepairable” by the technicians at the shop where we bought it and was consigned to a cupboard, still wrapped in shrink-wrap from when it had been dumped there. I had the idea to take it to the local computer repair shop (which we never use) where the very nice man there magically brought it back to life, restored the hard drive and charged blissfully little. It was ready by the end of the afternoon. As I was returning home, pleased at my initiative, this image of the turbanned man lifting off the cloth came to me when I remembered the man in the shop unravelling the laptop in its shrink-wrap. That and the unidentified ladies standing in a line each side and watching over,  seemed (to me) friends and contacts in cyberspace with which this resurrected computer will enable the re-establishing of contact again. So, in a sense the traditional meaning of “initiative” comes through here. I couldn’t help seeing this image as a metaphor of the unwrapping of the dead computer which would be brought back to life through my own initiative.


About Le Fanu

Tarot collector in a far off land; loves ghost stories, magick, tarot, wistfulness, spookiness, Victorian spiritism, ectoplasm...
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5 Responses to Daily Draw; 7/6/11

  1. Sharyn/AJ says:

    what a great reflection between card and day.
    You said “The cards lend themselves beautifully to tarot and – for me – don’t feel shoe-horned at all into the traditional tarot archetypes”.
    This describes LoS decks to a T, and whether readers admit it or not, I think is the reason for the cacophony of complaints about their decks. Readers say they don’t use memorized keywords, and then find they can’t work with a LoS deck. It is what I love best about them…but then I’m a bit of a square peg.

  2. So true. LoS decks don’t always hit the mark for me, but this is one of maybe half a dozen which really do work for me and the idea of “learning” meanings fades away and the images just sing. This is a great story-telling deck too. But I am always surprised at the amount of criticism by people who find them unreadable. I love this deck. It often gets forgotten for a few months but then I always come back to it, and it always delivers the goods.

  3. jema says:

    I bought this one when it was hot off the presses so to speak. I grew up with 1001 night, it was the book I learnt to read from at age 5, although ours had some slightly more risky pictures in it…

    But the deck, while looking lovely, is just too small, the borders too wide and my eyes too damn old.
    It’s such a shame and I hope that one day LoS will reprint a LARGE version of it, with a nice book too.

  4. Oh yes, LARGE LoS decks would be a joy; this and the Liber T would be my top ones!

  5. sapienza says:

    I love this deck too, and your reflections on the card. I find the deck one that I enjoy just sitting and looking through, getting lost in the images. For some reason I’ve never really used it for reading, although I’m sure it would work well. I agree that it would be wonderful as a story-telling deck, which is what a reading is after all I guess.

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