Daily Draw; 15/6/11, Golden Tarot of the Tsars

Still reading my book on the assassination of the Romanovs so I keep reaching for my Golden Tarot of the Tsars for daily insight spreads as it seems to fit in with where my thoughts are right now. The weather is getting warmer here but I keep thinking of sub-zero winters in St Petersburg cerca 1910. I decided to do another one of my “snapshot spreads” like before, thinking about work and the kind of stance I should be taking. I drew the following cards this morning;

I was immediately struck by how the central card (Justice, VIII) is “open” and the card to the right (King of Pentacles) is “closed” in the position of the arms, as if he holds the coin tightly (and holds a cross as if warding something off). Reading this image rhythmically, and forgetting traditional meanings for a moment, I get a strong sense of this gesture/movement encouraging me to be a bit more closed. It wasn’t something I had thought about but it makes sense to me in the context; to be more guarded with others, to play my cards (or, in this case, my Pentacles) close to my chest. Then the 6 of Swords to the left. The swords seem to me entangled, crossed (crossed knives are a bad sign where I come from), and as this is the element of air, representing thought and the intellect, it suggest to me that thoughts right now are rather tightly entangled. The swords are not quite symmetrical, not quite balanced; a reflection of my thinking I suspect. I notice the central vignette here. One man on the shore, the others in the boat, as if someone is being excluded, not part of the group. Must keep an eye open for this. What is interesting is how the Little White Book (which I never really consult whilst reading) often has interesting contributions. It’s often worth looking after we have formed our impressions as it can throw up curious things. In this case we have the King of Pentacles (“Pragmatism”; this keyword stands out). Keep your feet on the ground. Remember to be pragmatic, above all else. The 6 of Swords depicts Jesus and the fisherment of Gennesaret; “Collaboration, project which begins to develop”. A good sign.  Collaboration is the key word when the subject is work.


About Le Fanu

Tarot collector in a far off land; loves ghost stories, magick, tarot, wistfulness, spookiness, Victorian spiritism, ectoplasm...
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2 Responses to Daily Draw; 15/6/11, Golden Tarot of the Tsars

  1. Essjay says:

    Lovely reading and a great deck. For some reason I don’t have any historical decks although have always hankered after the Petersburg tarot … and now this.

  2. Le Fanu says:

    This isn’t officially a historical deck, though it certainly feels like one, with its antique ikons. But I like reading it like I do historical decks, but we have the little scenic vignettes so you can incorporate them well into a reading. I also love the St Petersburg but this is more atmospheric, I think.

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