Sutin on Aleister Crowley

I have gone back to reading Lawrence Sutin’s Life of Aleister Crowley, and there are – naturally – so many details I read which help me to understand better Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, I feel like I want to make a note of them and remember them all;

“Raj-yoga” or raja yoga, as it is more commonly transliterated – is the most ancient known form of yogic practice, focusing upon control of the mind as a means to bring about spiritual transformation in the practitioner. The exercises suggested by Eckenstein began with the inner visualisation of relatively simple objects and figures. Then came exercises for the envisioning of particular persons by means of superimposing a larger image of the person over a smaller image; this exercise offered the further benefit of heightened insights into the character of the person in question.

I was reminded of the depiction of Ra-Hoor-Khuit and his twin brother Hoor-pa-Kraat (“The Lord of Silence”) in the Aeon card.

I also wanted to remember the yogic goal of samadhi; the obliteration of the self through union, something which figures as part of the Great Work and the mixing in Atú XIV, Art.


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