Daily Draw; 19/6/11, Classical Tarot (Gumppenberg)

I am at the end of my tether over a package I have had stuck in customs for over two weeks now and no end of emailing seems to nudge it any nearer into being released.  So I decided to do a reading on it with my Lo Scarabeo Classical Tarot (based on the Gumppenberg model of 1830), the borders of which I have trimmed off as they had distracting keywords on them. I like how now, without the borders, the cards can be snuggled right up against each other and the images can be read as truly adjacent/merging into one another. I did a three card spread, with the middle card as a kind of blocking obstacle and the final card as the result. I just want to know; am I going to get my packet! Picture quality is poor but I drew the following cards;It would make pefect sense to say that the middle obstacle card is some official grasping at his club, doing his duty, and reluctant to let go. May well be the case, wearing his “customs official” hat (and flouncey feather) with great gusto and simply being obstinate, but even if this weren’t a court card, the pictorial rhythms (the Knight of Wands’ horse turning its head inwards) creates a very closed, self-contained image. There is nothing expansive about this image. It isn’t going anywhere, just looking in on itself.  This is no leaping, fiery Knight of Wands horse here, more like a hollow, official military parade pose. The hand doesn’t grasp the club firmly (I’m glad to observe) but it grasps it nonetheless. The flanking cards on either side, 8 of of Cups on the left, 6 of Swords on the right, tell me very little if I go to so-called “traditional meanings”. I’m struggling a bit with them here (resisting Rider Waite Smith meanings). Visually the Cups are static and arranged,  the swords are woven and pointed and perhaps suggest movement; arrows, pointing, stabbing. Maybe if that’s the case then we can – hopefully – expect movement as a conclusion. If we think about numerological symbolism, eights can denote groundedness (I’m thinking of that in the worst possible sense, like being grounded for bad behaviour, not going anywhere), and maybe by extension like when a boat runs ashore and is grounded and needs a push! However, sixes can signify the smoothing out after the conflict of the fives, harmony reestablished. Sounds good. But that may just be wishful thinking on my part.


About Le Fanu

Tarot collector in a far off land; loves ghost stories, magick, tarot, wistfulness, spookiness, Victorian spiritism, ectoplasm...
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2 Responses to Daily Draw; 19/6/11, Classical Tarot (Gumppenberg)

  1. Hi Le Fanu,
    Clear interpretation of the Knight in the center.
    One possibility: the horseman/official is heading towards the 8 cups, and away from the 6 swords, even though his face is decidedly towards the Swords. Using the traditional idea of unfortunate Swords and happy Cups, as much as he wants this to end unpleasantly (for you), there’s really not much chance of his success.
    Wait him out, in other words, and keep heart.

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