Sutin on Aleister Crowley III

Ra Hoor Khuit on the 26th Dynasty Stele, Boulak Museum, Cairo

“The text elaborates upon the central image of the stele, portraying what would become the divine triumvirate of Thelema; Nuit Hadit and Ra-Hoor-Khuit. Framing the scene is the sky goddess Nuit, her arching body forming the heavens while her hands and feet touch the earth. Below her is the Winged Globe – the solar Horus or ; Horbehutet; Crowley called this god form Hadit. Beneath these two is the Egyptian priest, Ankh-Hoor-Khuit – a hawk-headed king surmounted by a cobra headband and a solar disk.”

“While all the chapters [of the Book of Law] were dictated by Aiwass, each is in the voice of a different god or goddess depicted on the Boulak Stele . In Chapter I, the speaker is Nuit, the goddess of the heavens. In Chapter II, it is Hadit, a solar form of Horus. In Chapter III comes Ra-Hoor-Kuit (“Horus of the Two Horizons”) – that is, Horus the son if Isis and Osiris, who as the avenger of the latter’s murder, becomes the warrier slayer of the Nile. It is Horus, in his many forms, whom Crowley affirms as the archetypal governing god of his “New Aeon”. Horus is the spritual “son” of the previous “mother” and “father” Aeons of Isis and Osiris; one of his epithets in The Book of the Law is “The Crowned and Conquering Child.” Crowley offered this summary of the Aeonic progressions. “The first period is simple, quiet, easy and pleasant; the material ignores the spiritual; the second is of suffering and death; the spiritual strives to ignore the material. Christianity and all cognate religions worship death, glorify suffering, deify corpses. The new Aeon is the worship of the spiritual made one with the material, of Horus, of the Child, of the Future.””


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2 Responses to Sutin on Aleister Crowley III

  1. Alec Satin says:

    Roger, I’m not sure I understand a word of this. Could you summarize one or two of the key points for the uninitiated?

    Glorious Stele.

  2. Le Fanu says:

    LOL. These are basically just relevant bits of the Sutin biography which I wanted to remember. It relates to an episode on Crowley’s honeymoon when his wife started showing psychic behaviour (for want of a better word; she became Ouarda The Seer!) and was drawn to this stele in the Cairo museum and Horus communicated things through her etc which she could not possibly have known. Over the next few days Crowley had The Book of Law dictated to him, which ushered in what he called the New Aeon. The Thoth Tarot is – in part – the deck for the New Aeon and this stele/ the experience in the museum (and then in the hotel room with blank paper and his Swan fountain pen) at the beginning of his married life in 1904 are what ultimately culminated in the Thoth deck (and a lifetime of magic). These are just some of the characters who figure heavily in the Thoth deck.

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