Card of the Day; Madru; das Baum-Tarot

I spread the cards of this charming Majors only deck out on the bed today. The Tower. The Pear Tree. I know what this refers to. The sudden end of summer. It has been hot for weeks and weeks and weeks now. Way beyond what summer should be. Not that I’m complaining. But blue skies every day and we sometimes crave signs of a change in the seasons. Today we got it. The heavens opened and rain came in torrents, gutters flooding, strong winds, havoc wreaked. I saw an accident on the Avenue near where I live, a car skidded, reduced visibility no doubt (that rain so heavy you cannot see far in front of you), and it crashed into a lamp-post (which happened to have traffic lights on it, nobody was hurt), and all the surrounding traffic lights were simultaneously out. More chaos. I couldn’t cross the Avenue for ages because of problems in circulation. Nobody would stop to let anyone pass. And it seemed as if all the leaves on all the trees in the city had been blown off in the space of a couple of hours. See how nature pokes through the man made in this image and creates chaos. That’s how it felt this Sunday as I tried to make my way across the city as darkness fell. The brutal end of something lingering. The summer toppled.  All that was missing were real life thunderbolts. How exhilarating these Tower moments can be sometimes. And now, hours later, the rain still gushes into the night.


About Le Fanu

Tarot collector in a far off land; loves ghost stories, magick, tarot, wistfulness, spookiness, Victorian spiritism, ectoplasm...
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7 Responses to Card of the Day; Madru; das Baum-Tarot

  1. Sharyn/AJ says:

    I am exhilarated by those kinds of days when the wind sweeps out the old, both in reality and virtually, and allows in the new. I hope you do more draws with this deck, I like what I see so far. Sharyn

  2. Prince Le Normand says:

    That was an atmospheric post. I liked that. The seasons have changed here too. It is that time of year where you can smell Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night just around the corner. The rain is pouring outside my window. I have switched back to The Favole again as it feels just right for this time of year.


  3. jema says:

    That is how I remember the city, I was never there during the hot summers, I came in october and stayed through the winter and returned to Sweden in february. I got this nagging suspicion that if I came back there during the summer and the crowds of turists and the heat it just wouldn’t be ‘my city’ anymore. Wilting roses, cold cold mornings warming my hands on a Galao, roasted chestnuts, the wind trying to blow me straight into tejo, making toast on the open fire for breakfast… Now that I would go back for…

  4. Le Fanu says:

    jema, I always pass the road where you lived here and I always remember you and your galão! X

  5. I’ve just come across your delightful blog today after searching for more information on the Madru deck. I will definitely be adding your insightful writings to my regular reading list.

    Do you happen to know if the Madru deck is available stateside or still available for purchase in Germany? I understand it is a bit of a long shot, but I am hoping to track down a copy of the deck and any insight you may have is very much appreciated.

    • Le Fanu says:

      It has been in stock on German amazon for quite a while now. It’s easy to order from German amazon; everything is in the same place as and everything I have ordered from there has arrived with no hassle. There were two versions listed; a kit and deck only. You would want the deck only (unless you read German)

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