Daily draw (4/4/12): Hunting

One of the great things about having so many decks is the wonders that occur when impulse gets the better of us and we take down a random deck, a deck we haven’t touched for a while, and read with it. Magic can happen. I sometimes feel that all my decks slumbering on their shelves, in their bags and tuck boxes are gently ripening, ready for the day when I am ready to hear them. Suddenly they are ripe for plucking. It’s an ongoing process of ripening. One day a certain deck is just right for me and it drops off the shelf into my hand like a shiny plum. Today it was the turn of The Shaman’s Oracle by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan, a deck which came out relatively recently (published by Watkins in 2010) and is suddenly inexplicably expensive in the more obvious stockists. I like this deck a lot.  It has everything I love; cave paintings, primitive instincts, ancestral urges and the promise of shamanic journeyings far away, a leap into primeval darkness far from 21st Century trivia and angst.

I shuffled and drew the Hunter of Vision. It’s all about trying to see. I have a few days’ holidays for Easter and this card reminds me to use this time wisely and envision sharply, see carefully, think about perspectives, clarity and – like the hunter himself – aim high. Work drains me and I never have the energy at the end of the day to see things as they really are, week upon week, same old rhythm, same old routine and this is a reminder to look harder now that I have the luxury of a few days to myself. I spent the day doing chores that had accumulated, chores I never get the chance to do because of work, and I had a few things to do around the city and I made a point of walking everywhere today, feeling my feet on the ground, enjoying the urban pulsations all around, stopping off in cafés, thinking, imagining, looking hard. I walked a long way today and on the way back home, after stopping off to buy some bread, I called in at my local esoteric shop, more for a pause than anything else as I had no intention of buying anything.  I chatted with the owner. When I went in she was on the phone. I overheard her having to cancel a tarot consultation on someone else’s behalf. Just before I left she asked me if I read (“or do you just collect?”) I said I did, but have never even thought about making a go of it, actually charging for it. Plus I have so little time. “It’s just that sometimes – like just now – somebody cancels and it’s good to have other contacts. People often ask us for readers.” It felt like one of those moments when I was at a crossroads. Here was a door opening. I could push it a little more, if so inclined. She intimated that if I did offer readings, I could leave my contact details with the store. I hesitated. This is something I’ll have to think about. I have my day job. But what if? Maybe it would be good for me? Perhaps I need a change of perspective regarding the role of card reading in my life and the rut I find myself in? It’s all about how I see that aspect of myself. I would need courage, of course.  But above all, a change of vision in how I see things, how I pursue them and what I want from life. Walking home I had a spring in my step. The thrill of feeling that there are always opportunities. There’s no rush, but maybe next time I’m there, I might just leave my contact details and take her up on her offer. These flickers of opportunity bring out the hunter in me. And my mind kept going back to this card, and the description from the book: “This hunter can take us out of the darkness and help us to recognise the future we seek.”

Cave painting of archer from the Tassili N'Ajjers Plateau, Algeria. Mid-4th to Mid-2nd Millennium B.C


About Le Fanu

Tarot collector in a far off land; loves ghost stories, magick, tarot, wistfulness, spookiness, Victorian spiritism, ectoplasm...
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8 Responses to Daily draw (4/4/12): Hunting

  1. Marina says:

    Sometimes I feel a bit guilty for having so many decks, but then I remember how cool it is to discover you have nice, mysterious oracles to try when you feel inspired, and then I feel good about it! 😉

    Nice reading… I have always been curious about “The Shaman’s Oracle” but never found the opportunity to buy it (and now it seems I am already late!). I admire John Matthews’ work and I seldom come across a book or deck of his that I dislike. If I find this deck for a reasonable price, I think I’ll purchase it!

    I hope you use it other times, it’s nice to enjoy a deck vicariously, lol!

    • Le Fanu says:

      It’s a nice deck, and of course there is no argument against having a lot of decks if you use them and grow with them! You can see more card draws with this over at Sharyn/AJ’s quirkeries blogspot. She used it last month, I think.

  2. Carla says:

    It is a lovely deck, thank you for posting your reading. 🙂

  3. Madame Nadia says:

    The deck indeed looks lovely, but the pleasure of your writing is truly gratifying. Thank you for taking me on a stroll in your town, introducing me to the owner of your local esoteric shop, and reminding me how ripe with opportunities this time of the year is.

  4. You write with so much passion that it is easy to feel and think the events as you do.

    It’s a nudge from the universe for a path you could go down if you have the time, and I feel that you will be very good at it. You’re very cautious with your passion, it’s almost as if you keep it in a sacred safety bubble!

  5. Susan Siegrist says:

    Such a beautiful post. Even if you decide not to read, you should publish your essays in book form…they speak to me, as I’m sure they do to everyone who reads them.

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