A Grand Tableau

I don’t do them often but I shall be brave and push the boat out seeing as today is Mme Lenormand’s 240th birthday (or 244th, depending on which dates you believe). In fact, a Lenormand Grand Tableau is only really worth doing when there is a significant issue requiring insight rather than using it to somehow pick up on the gentle, uneventful ebb and flow of the daily grind. For a few days now I have been thinking I should do one. I shall be stepping into a new role soon. I explained about my recent promotion in another post and within a month or so I shall be occupying my new position. This morning I grabbed my Königsfurt/Urania Dondorf reproduction (for easy identification should anyone care to comment), laid out four rows of nine cards on the top of the dresser and soon began to see curious focal points. While shuffling I was thinking “Shall I use myself – the Man/Lord – as the focus, or should it be the Fox, which is usually used to signify work?” As it happened, the Fox came out immediately in front of me (see bottom left) . This makes sense as work sits staring at me and it is work which currently sits most immediately in my path. Literally. That fox is like an Indian sacred cow sitting in the middle of the highway right now; not something that can be lightly shunted out of the way. That it came out like this shouldn’t really be a surprise. I also note how the cards which are in line directly above me, (i.e those over which I have little control) spell out a sentence of where I am right now. The Tree (maturation) then the Lily (something blossoming; Tree + Lily = something slowly maturing then finally coming to blossom) and then the Rider trotting into the picture so suddenly (unexpected news) to announce it all, which is exactly what happened. Alarmingly, there are no cards beneath me. This suggests I do not “dominate” anything. I do not exert any influence over anything right now in this intervening period. Interestingly, if we were to take the Fox as the focus of the tableau (quite natural in a work-related reading), the Lady exerts control, i.e is above it, and curiously the boss is female.

Behind me is the Book (secrets?) I wonder whether this is to do with me concealing my true feelings about advancing in this way. Or maybe being seen as a “good” worker because of doing things “by the book”, someone to be trusted, someone who will toe the line, follow the rulebook. It could also mean learning and acquired knowledge in the past, leading to this. What I most want to know about is of course the future; the row in front of the Lord and Fox. There are always various ways of interpreting and I’m sure others would read them differently, but what I see ahead of me is House (security, long term protection), Child (something beginning, something in its infancy), Letter (the importance of communication, or maybe even the signing of the contract which hasn’t taken place yet). I have to admit, the presence of the Scythe concerns me. Should I read that as hearing about something short, sharp and worrying (Letter + Scythe)? Or maybe the cutting away of old ties, old responsibilities, making way for the new, separation from previous roles. We then have the Tower (isolated, feeling lonely at the top) and the Mountain, the burden of this feeling. The Tower can also signify a person who has a leading position or sometimes even the place of work. Will my new position be an insurmountable obstacle to get “right”? Or (thinking of the pair: Tower + Mountain), am I that person in authority who will feel remote and removed? I also remember reading how the Mountain can be sights set high. Maybe I am expecting too much of myself too soon, but not sure that fits with it being at the end of the line. Or delay at learning my new responsibilities?  It’ll take a while but be worth it in the end. Not entirely sure about that one, but I suspect the Tower and Mountain should be read together. I’m glad the Coffin and Whip are far enough away, I have to add. That’s something to celebrate. The Fish are not near which might seem odd (thinking of “more money”) but I think these cards know that this is not really part of the issue or a deciding factor. Nor is the Bear near (“cash flow”). They make sense to me not being near. I think, in general,  the cards look to be reasonably positive.


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Tarot collector in a far off land; loves ghost stories, magick, tarot, wistfulness, spookiness, Victorian spiritism, ectoplasm...
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4 Responses to A Grand Tableau

  1. oraclecache says:

    It’s now July 2012.
    Thinking of the Tower+Mountain. Have you ended up in a room/office all by yourself isolated from other colleagues/work mates? On the diagonal up from you (Man) it seems the Woman (boss) favoured you with something permanent perhaps with a fixed salary (Bear not Fish) and honoured an agreement.

    Last column on the right: The contract/agreement seems to be both a pleasure and a burden, a gift that carries a responsibility – perhaps not always a comfortable one.

    Do please update, even if only briefly 🙂


    • Le Fanu says:

      It’s early days to feel anything regarding isolation to be honest, especially as I’m working alone right now during the holiday season (maybe it’s that?) The Woman boss favouring seems a good interpretation and so far – yes – it’s a pleasure and a burden so far. It carries repsonsibility and – yes – not always comfortable. Thanks for your observations and for taking the time to post your thoughts. Very astute!

  2. oraclecache says:

    Thanks Le Fanu.
    I have reservations about the Tableau layout as I’m not convinced that all 36 cards need to be taken into consideration. It’s so easy to end up with a reading whereby the querent will experience *everything* across a period of time instead of the pertinent factors of an issue.

    I do think the bottom horizontal line (with the Man) is important, but as you seem to have nailed that one 🙂 I didn’t mention it. You say you’re currently working alone, so your initial thought of not directly having ‘dominion’ over anyone/anything is also valid. Wishing you good luck in the job Fanu.


    • Le Fanu says:

      Thank you, And thank you for your thoughts. There is a sense that you have to focus in and not just feel that everything is happening all the time! I’m still learning with the Grand Tableau.

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