I shall be away from here for a while. Holidays are iminent and I couldn’t resist a quick spread – among the many other useful things I really should be doing – before heading further up the coast with a stash of books with a view to spending day after day stretched out on the beach, reading (or sleeping). I need time to blank my mind and think of nothing, let it wander wherever it may. I crave the sea, to be able to bounce like a Rackham sea sprite on frothing waves. I think of sand, of heat, of blazing sun and I reach for a deck that I rarely use now, the Tarot of the Sphinx by Silvana Alasia/Lo Scarabeo, now out of print, or rather gilded in gold leaf and available instead as the Tarot of Nefertari (images in reverse). But I prefer this version, it feels like less of a Cairo souvenir and more like a proper tarot deck. I have a penchant for Egyptian decks – despite rarely using them – as the idea that tarot came from Egypt is one of my favourite tarot history myths. I don’t believe it for a minute (though I think I might have believed it in the 80s when I read it in my Etteilla deck LWB) but it doesn’t stop me from liking them. The scenes are of course invented, much as we would love to think that they have been taken from pharoah burial chambers. I did a quick spread today; tell me about my holidays – a snapshot spread – three cards and got, left to right, the 9 of Pentacles, The World, the 7 of Wands (how curious that the floor goes progressively up in steps).

The 9 of Pentacles always gives me that sense of graceful ease and comfort, of being unreachable, triumphant, having established our own little niche. I have to confess that this card is my favourite card ever and the one I most like to see in a spread. If only every single spread in my life brought up the 9 of Pentacles card in the Outcome position, I know I could sleep easy at night. Here it is, me on holiday, where everything is – one hopes – leisured and effortless, sun beating down, flowers blooming, palms turned upwards to absorb the recharging energy and feeling (best of all) unreachable. Prayers are offered to the Sun God, Aten. Then The World, accomplishment, completion, full circle from last year, us going to the same place we go to every summer. That must be the figure of Nuit, as she appears in the Thoth Aeon card, arched over everything. It makes me think of total control, of us spanning our own dominion and having complete control over it, almost full enclosure. The energising Sun (9 of Pentacles) will be my World. The final card is the 7 of Wands. When I saw this card I thought it could be a warning to keep work-related thoughts at bay. The snapping crocodiles of the Nile snap at my feet and I have to do everything I can to keep them at a distance. I must grasp the Wand and make sure that I do not let my mind wander to thoughts of work (it always takes me a few days to switch off and I have been thinking a lot about work recently so this year it may be doubly difficult). If I think of work as those snapping crocodiles, it will remind me how I have to police myself. That’s quite a traditional Rider Waite Smith meaning, I think, of defending our territory. My holiday is my territory. It is my time, my moment to unwind and let the mind wander elsewhere. Fingers crossed I can do it.  All that’s left now is to bid farewell, ignore that snapping and take my leave. Back soon…


About Le Fanu

Tarot collector in a far off land; loves ghost stories, magick, tarot, wistfulness, spookiness, Victorian spiritism, ectoplasm...
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4 Responses to Holidays!

  1. Carla says:

    Have a great time!!! x

  2. I just came across your blog and have enjoyed reading through the posts. Have a good holiday!

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