A Break for Holidays


It’s that time of year again; holiday season and time for me to take a little time out, switch off, relax and some time soon come back (hopefully) refreshed, thinking – as I do right now – that holidays work miracles. I am preparing for my annual retreat, ready for the luxury of watching the waves break, feeling the cool vapour of sea spray, emptying my brain and just, well, nothing. I was getting in the mood this morning when I decided to draw some Lenormand cards after breakfast to set the scene for my holidays and just to close the blog for a month or so. I pulled out these Cartes Lenormand (“by a famous Parisian diviner”) published by H.P Gibson in London during the early 1920s. They are a reproduction of the Dondorf model which, as I constantly repeat here, is my favourite (though mine have a different back and box to the ones depicted here). I did a casual shuffle sitting on the edge of the bed and drew the following three cards;  Sun + Heart + Ship, a combination that has had me pondering all day.


I was thinking how many different ways there must be to read Lenormands. You can read them “traditionally” (cue can of worms to open), or I suppose you could read them purely symbolically (as in thinking about the historical symbolism of these three images as seen in art history and emblem books rather than card-reading manuals) or you could read them “intuitively,” whatever that means. And each time you’d get a different message. My first reaction when I saw these cards was – yes – these cards really are succinct. They really do hit the nail on the head. I have heard this said about Lenormand cards again and again, and with this group of cards I really have to agree. Earlier in the week I was thinking “which cards would signify a holiday?” And I thought of maybe Stork + Garden (a change for leisure). But looking at these three cards, I cannot now think of a better combination.  From what I understand of traditional meanings looped together into a reading I would read these cards as – firstly, The Sun –  victory, a reward (after all my hard work of course), wishes fulfilled (Heart) and quite literally a trip (Ship) . Victory and fulfilment leading onto a holiday elsewhere. A very nice combination. Historically the Sun is masculinity.  I wonder whether Sun + Heart could be male lover? Going with male lover somewhere afar? But there is of course another way to read them here, a more literal way. It seems to be staring me in the face as is so often the case; The Sun (sunny weather one hopes), Heart (the company of somebody special) and (I suppose) the Sea. You could even say waves. Exactly what I am anticipating.  Sometimes the cards aren’t even symbols, they are the things they depict. I see these meanings running parallel and not mutually exclusive. I see it as a good augury anyway and have been thinking about these cards all day as I enjoy reflecting on the weeks stretching ahead, the potential for rest, reading, relaxing. Now I find myself wondering “which card would represent nothing?” Because that’s exactly the state of mind to which I aspire this holiday. That’s what my brain needs to dwell on. In the meantime all that is left to say is happy holidays to all. String together sun, love and sea for your own perfect combination. I shall be back soon…



About Le Fanu

Tarot collector in a far off land; loves ghost stories, magick, tarot, wistfulness, spookiness, Victorian spiritism, ectoplasm...
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5 Responses to A Break for Holidays

  1. winterchild says:

    The cards could not be more perfect! Have a wonderful break Le Fanu, lots of envy coming from down under… and one day I will tackle those Lenormands.

  2. Sue Anderson says:

    Have a wonderful vacation and come back refreshed.

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