About my blog

.Just anything. Allow me this luxury. Merely to post about anything whatosever that takes my fancy, no stipulations, no rules, no aims or objectives. Merely to indulge myself with all that I love.

I do – time permitting – offer confidential email readings. If interested, contact me at o.t.o@email.com

© All material on this site is copyright. Please request permission before including any of this material elsewhere. Anything used, referred to or quoted must be credited as coming from this blog.  


24 Responses to About my blog

  1. Thank you to sharing helpful information

  2. wytche says:

    Thank you for a great blog, I’ve added you to my blog roll

  3. jo says:

    Whatever is the source for the wonderful background engravings on either side bar of your pages???
    Many thanks,

  4. jo says:

    Thank you anyway!

  5. akismet-0b4435a6ce418e72ac13a1170d0d6eea says:

    Hi, What a great blog you have here, much appreciated! My own is at http://www.tarokki.fi/tarotpuu/ (trying to keep it in english but occasionally some Finnish stuff in there too).

  6. Mi-Shell says:

    Hi there! I love your post about obsidian!
    am tempted to send you an obsidian knife fragment = over 2000 years old, of which I have several…..

  7. This is one of the most wonderful cartomancy sites I’ve looked at – and I’ve looked at a good few in lots of different languages. More power to your divining elbow! May I please mention it in the bibliography and website lists that I’m putting into my Enchanted LeNormand (due 2013)? Please let me know your preferred method of announcement. e.g. ‘M.B.Smith’s site reveals the wonder of alchemical cartomancy. http://www.oiupiupiu@hhjkl or how you please! Your collection is splendid!

  8. Thank you! I am so excited to meet fellow and sister collectors and readers with whom I could spend many happy hours. Writing a new book is always such an innocent pleasure – at least until you get to the editing part!

  9. nicolediamond says:

    Is that a Tony Millionaire sock monkey bat drawing ?


  10. Lotus Padma says:

    Le Fanu, I truly enjoyed reading bits of your blog – I will come back 🙂 your reviews, wisdom and insight are deeply – magnetic? Fascinating? Words elude. I found this by mere chance whilst reading a post on kipper cards at AT. I am so very glad I did – the accidental path frequently takes one to enchanted forests…thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 🙂 Lotus Padma

  11. biddy9 says:

    Hi Le Fanu,
    How can I get in touch with you via email? I would love to connect.
    Warm regards,

  12. DanielJUK says:

    Love your blog Le Fanu, such wonderful and education writings!
    not sure how I only just found it but will be a regular reader from now on 🙂

  13. Hello,

    I would be more than happy if you could share your bloy review about my “Wahrsagen à la Lenormand” at Amazon.com and Amazon.de so that people can see what you think about it.

    Thank you. Best wishes.

    Alexander Glück (author/editor)

  14. Thoughtful says:

    Hello Le Fanu, I understand your need to step back from blogging for a while and retreat into the quiet. Strange that I have also come to this sense of stepping back which is why l am absent from the AT forum. l wonder if there are others feeling this pull to also do the same and enjoy a quiet period of reflection and peace within their own tarot/life journey. Right now l am awaiting the Isis tarot winging its way from Japan, l look forward to enjoying this beautiful tarot in the peace of my heart and mind and on a one to one without other voices echoing in my head. Love reading your blogs here, they have always been very insightful, so once you feel rested and refreshed perhaps we can look forward to more.
    Kindest regards

  15. Sophie says:

    I am french. I have blog about Tarot too. But your is very very beautiful blog. I like all. It’s a pleasure to see that. Thank you.

  16. I have a digital curio cabinet too! And I’ve also asked for the luxury of it being everything and everything that I want 🙂 So much fun this way. I’m so happy I found your curio cabinet 🙂 xo

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