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The Alice Tarot

What I have always loved about Magic Realist Press decks is how they always manage to create an unanchored, imaginative universe whose atmosphere bends effortlessly to whatever reading style you have. This is the sensation I always have with all of their … Continue reading

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The Victorian Romantic Revisited

Imagine having your favourite deck multiplied by five. Five intoxicatingly different editions, tweaked to high heaven and with multiple versions of favourite cards to luxuriate in. This is how it felt last week when my bundle of 2nd edition Victorian … Continue reading

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The Ironwing

I have an urge to use a deck I am almost too frightened to shuffle. I have been in possession of The Ironwing Tarot for a few years, bought it quite expensive but probably not as expensive as it would … Continue reading

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Favourite Decks; Part I

Another year has passed and with each turn of the seasons, each wheel of each year, I find the list of favourite decks consolidated. The molten gush of enthusiasm from a few years back has now solidified into a tighter list of dependable … Continue reading

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Arthur Rackham Playing Cards

If asked “what is the tarot deck which you wish existed”, I would unhesitatingly say (and have unhesitatingly said) an Arthur Rackham Tarot. He was the English illustrator (1867-1939) who, with his infinite, intricate whimsy, illustrated a great many Edwardian and 1920/30s … Continue reading

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