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The Destroyed Dondorf

When I first spotted this for sale, I thought of it as The Scrawled Dondorf. It haunted my dreams, crept into my thinking when I had other more important things to attend to. The urge to own something so unuseable … Continue reading

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Resuscitating the Dondorf

Some of you may remember a while back how I bought an antique Dondorf Lenormand which it transpired was a variation #1 Lilac Dondorf. I didn’t invent the term Lilac Dondorf, I got the information from here, which dated the deck … Continue reading

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Purple Dragon mini Dondorf Lenormand

Of all the decks that most deserve a mini, the Petit Lenormand must surely be top of the list. There are those decks – like Gluck’s Wahrsagen à la Lenormand, or the 1920s Carreras cigarette card Lenormands – which are naturally … Continue reading

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A Lilac Dondorf

I have been silent here of late. I would like to say that I have been speechless, in a swoon, stretched out on my chaise longue unable to deal with daily life, struck down with the beauty of my latest acquisition. However, … Continue reading

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Loving Lenormands

I am experiencing an upsurge of love for my Lenormands. I can’t explain why exactly. Perhaps it is because the 2nd edition of the Melissa Lenormand is iminent. Perhaps it is because I feel the need for something concise and to-the-point in … Continue reading

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