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A New Game of Hope

New year, new edition of an old favourite. I’d hate to think I’m repeating myself here but there’s comfort to be had in reflecting on old favourites, undistracted by shinier, themed novelties. And heaven knows there are enough variations on a Lenormand … Continue reading

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Resuscitating the Dondorf

Some of you may remember a while back how I bought an antique Dondorf Lenormand which it transpired was a variation #1 Lilac Dondorf. I didn’t invent the term Lilac Dondorf, I got the information from here, which dated the deck … Continue reading

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A Break for Holidays

It’s that time of year again; holiday season and time for me to take a little time out, switch off, relax and some time soon come back (hopefully) refreshed, thinking – as I do right now – that holidays work … Continue reading

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Purple Dragon mini Dondorf Lenormand

Of all the decks that most deserve a mini, the Petit Lenormand must surely be top of the list. There are those decks – like Gluck’s Wahrsagen à la Lenormand, or the 1920s Carreras cigarette card Lenormands – which are naturally … Continue reading

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On Learning

I have been thinking a lot recently about the subject of learning Lenormand.  This came about after having read a book that was supposed to help me become a better card reader and which resulted in me feeling hopelessly confused and … Continue reading

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The Romantic Russian Lenormands

I love these decks. I didn’t realise quite how much I loved them until I recently received the final installment, the twin-set Lilac & Cherry Twilight Lenormands and was able to think of them – with their predecessors – as … Continue reading

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Vive La Lenormand Revolution!

As one who has long felt they can channel – at whim – Maria Antoinette in her finest hours, the Lenormand Revolution deck by Carrie Paris & Roz Foster immediately perked my interest. I felt my metre-high powdered wig totter with excitement and was … Continue reading

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