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Divination by Drapery; The Virtuoso Unreality of The Tarot Illuminati

Tarot ecstacy. I feel as though I have waited so long for this deck and when it finally arrived, like a pageant firework display in miniature, I was not disappointed. The escalating anticipation was almost more than I could bear. … Continue reading

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Fairy Lights Tarot

Where oh where do I stand on fairy tarot decks? Or faerie tarot decks. Or maybe even fae tarot decks. I just never know. As a working male who ventures out into the real world every day in suit and … Continue reading

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Tarot 3D

Yesterday I called in at my local tarot suppliers (Esoteric Shop? Magic Shop? New Age Shop? Metaphysical Shop? I never know) idly wondering whether any of the new Lo Scarabeo titles might be in stock or whether there would be … Continue reading

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Using Cards to Choose Lottery Numbers

This was a subject that came up last week and got me thinking (from the rarified spiritual musings of the Ironwing last week to this week’s How to Win Big Bucks!) Somebody was asking if there was a tried and tested method … Continue reading

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I shall be away from here for a while. Holidays are iminent and I couldn’t resist a quick spread – among the many other useful things I really should be doing – before heading further up the coast with a … Continue reading

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Favourite decks; Part VI

Storytelling decks. Everyone should have one. That’s what we keep being told in companion books; or rather, we should all be able to read decks in a storytelling way. I see this more and more in tarot literature nowadays; you shuffle … Continue reading

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Favourite Decks; Part V

Dark decks; why? This is something I have often asked myself when faced with the steady Japanese water torture drip of tarot decks that are supposed to scare us or (even more bemusingly) be used for the euphemistically termed “shadow … Continue reading

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